Jellyfish Making

This afternoon we did a ocean theme. We made jellyfish, we used sandwich bags, string, a bottle, water , scissors and glitter. It was so much fun! They looked so good, we even added pom poms to look like little fish in the water.

Food Tasting

This morning we had Will come in from Shrewsbury who cures pork. He spoke to us about where this comes from , how he produces it and all about the pigs. He had different spices that we could smell first and then we tasted those spices on the salami. They were yummy! Do you like salami?



This afternoon the whole school went out to get ready and practise for there sports day coming up. We really enjoyed doing all sorts of  activities, using bean bags, running races and going through hoops. Which race is your favourite?



Today in maths we have been learning all about position. We have been looking at different examples but also been doing it practically. Some of us have been outside exploring different position like next to, in front of, beside, between, behind of and underneath. We now know which way is left and which way is right. 


Today in maths  we have been learning all about turning. All together as a class we practised quarter turn closckwise , half a turn clockwise and a full turn clockwise. We know that when turning clockwise we turn as the clock does.

Story Writing

This week we have been focusing on the book Lost And Found. We have been planning our stories and using adjectives. We always need a beginning, middle and end. We also know there’s normally a problem in every story, ours was finding the penguin.


Today we have been learning about coding, seeing if we can follow instructions but also trying to fix the errors and correct them. We used a tractor image as it relates with us going to the farm soon.

Monster Creations

Today we build our own monsters out of 2D shapes. We created our monsters and then draw them into our books , labelling the shapes as we did them. We made really scary monsters.



We have been pretending to be a bee bot , learning our directions and following instructions. We have been practising out left from out right and moving forward and backwards.

Adding 10

Today we have adding 10 to single digit numbers, to numbers upto 20 and numbers upto 50. We used a number square to help us figure out the sums. We now know that its only the 10s column that changes.