Counting pennies

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This week we have been learning about money. Today we were using the same coins to make different amounts. We used pennies to make our totals. Which coins can you name?

Our science project

We have become inventors today. We found this question written in the classroom when we walked in this morning. We were asked ‘How can we grow our vegetables in a small space?’ – we were given string, plant pots, seeds and soil. We had to come up with a plan. We decided to hang the plant pots and see if we can grow more food to feed the population of the planet by using vertical farms.

Have you seen a vertical farm?

Percy’s Bumpy Ride

In Class 2 we are learning all about Percy the park keeper, he invented a lawnmower that started to fly. Today we sequenced the story and when we were finished some of us practiced writing sentences about the story. We are all trying really hard to segment and blend our words to help our spelling.

Have you read Percy’s Bumpy Ride? We give it 5 stars!


What would you like for lunch?

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This week we have been thinking about what food we eat. We came up with lots of ideas of new foods we would like to eat. We thought carefully about what is healthy and what our favourite foods were. We … Continue reading


Keeping our bodies healthy!

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We have been learning how to balance a ball and bounce it on a tennis racket. We know that we do P.E. to help keep our bodies healthy and strong. What exercise do you do?

Singing Practice

We got together with Classes 1, 3 and 4 for singing practice. We practiced singing Sail Away, Away in a Manger and It was on a Starry Night.

You can see a video of us singing each song on the keynote this week.

Do you like our singing?


Counting in 2s

Today we learnt to count in 2s. This means we can count faster. We learnt the rhyme 2, 4, 6, 8 who do we appreciate. If we are counting in 2s the number must end in 0, 2, 4, 6, or 8.


Can you count in 2s?

Exploring the U.K.

Today we learnt about coding. We used a beebot to follow an algorithm to explore the U.K. We learnt that we live in the U.K. We can go forwards, right, left and backwards.


What do you know about coding?



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Today we have been learning the ‘ow’ sound. This can be said in 2 different ways.¬†Here we are practicing segmenting and blending our words to help us read. We read the words bow and flow. What ‘ow’ words can you … Continue reading


Writing Captions

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We have been learning how to write captions. Did you know a caption gives you more information about a picture? We have been writing our own to help others describe the picture. We have been thinking carefully about our spelling … Continue reading