Operation Christmas Child

Today we have sent the boxes off for Operation Christmas Child. We have had an assembly where we discussed kindness and how we are helping children who are in need. We helped pass the shoeboxes on in a line ready to be sent off.

What did you pack in yours?

Packing our shoeboxes

Today we packed our boxes for Operation Christmas Child. We packed them full of gifts for children who need every day items such as toothbrushes and toothpaste.

How do you make a difference?

Remembrance Day

On Sunday it was 100 years since the end of the 1st World War. We learnt about how the soldiers fought for our freedom and what this meant for us. We lay poppy wreaths to remember the soldiers and we wrote a message on them.

What did you write on your poppy?

Buying Poppy’s

We have been learning about why we wear poppy’s this week. We have learnt about the soldiers fighting in war and how important it is to remember them. We have been buying poppy’s to wear.


Do you have a poppy?

Music: Following a beat

We learnt how to follow a beat in music. We had to clap along and follow a pattern. We are going to be learning how to do this with instruments in the next few weeks.

Can you follow a beat?

Dress up

Today was book day, we dressed up as different characters from books. We had Sky from Paw Patrol, Snow White and Ash from Pokemon. Who did you dress up as?



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Today we learnt about algorithms. We learnt that an algorithm is a special set of instructions that help computers and iPads do their jobs. We used beebots to understand that we needed to give clear instructions otherwise they will go … Continue reading


Abby Diamond

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Today we became artists copying the style of Abby Diamond. She uses watercolour to create an abstract effect. We used a bird template to practice our watercolour skills. Do you like our work? 


The Wright Brothers

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In history we have been learning about flight. Did you know the Wright brothers invented the aeroplane? The first flight took off in 1903 from North Carolina. We made paper aeroplanes today and wrote our favourite facts on them. Have … Continue reading


In class 2 we have been learning about patterns. We have been drawing patters, making patterns and following patterns. We have learnt a pattern song, have you heard it yet?