We have been pretending to be a bee bot , learning our directions and following instructions. We have been practising out left from out right and moving forward and backwards.

Adding 10

Today we have adding 10 to single digit numbers, to numbers upto 20 and numbers upto 50. We used a number square to help us figure out the sums. We now know that its only the 10s column that changes.


Monster Faces

Today in art we each traced over our faces. We’re changing our faces to look like monsters. We are going to add a scary face and sharp teeth to make us look different. Do you like monsters?


Today we have been learning all about patterns. We have been doing coloured patterns, shape patterns and also number patterns. We have been using the shapes and beads to help us.

Number Bonds

Today in maths we were learning our number bonds. We used both the ipads for a dice but also used a big dice and worked in groups. We would roll the dice and the number it rolled on was the number we would find different ways in which to make that number.



Today in phonics we were learning the phonene “ue”. In groups we practised our words which had the “ue” sound in it. Some of us draw the sound in chalk, some wrote on whiteboards and some of us wrote sentences.

Making Flapjacks

Today we discussed what ingredients we needed to make flapjacks. There was butter,brown sugar, porridge oats and syrup.  Together, we mixed it all and weighed the right amount, We then spread the mixture into a baking tray and then it would go into the oven. Do you like cooking?



This week we made our very own monster. We all did different monsters, some tall, some small. There all different colours some even have sharp teeth, but they don’t scare us!! Meet our new additions to the class!!


Today in Literacy we learn all about prefixes. We realised to turn a word from positive to negative we could put “un” in front of the word. We used prefixes when talking about the story Beauty and the Beast. We wrote how the beast was unkind to Belles dad. Have you read Beauty and the Beast?

Ordering Numbers

Today we ordered our numbers. We produced number lines and made sure it always started at 0. We could order upto 20. We practised the formation of our numbers and used the number square to help us.