Today in Class 2 we were looking at the baby and adult versions of animals. We then used Bee-Bot to get them from the baby to the adult inputting a path in to Bee-Bot to get him where he needed to go.

Do you know how to input paths into Bee-Bot?

Art Monet

Today Class 2 have been creating some art in the style of Monet by city scape. We took some pictures around our school and had a go at seeing how well we could get the painting similar to Monet.

Do you know what style Monet is?



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Today Class 2 had P.E. we all had to keep our eyes on the ball as we had to throw and catch a ball to test our catch for when we played our game of cricket. What skills do you … Continue reading


Today in Class 2 we have been learning how to use Sphero. Using the new technology we tested the AI and made it change colour and move in a certain way which we drew on the iPads.

Have you managed to use Sphero?



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Today Class 2 went and had a cricket session in P.E, we had to make sure to keep our eye on the ball to make sure we hit it as far as we could. This worked on our hand to … Continue reading


Great Outdoors

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Today in Class 2 some of the children went outside to get some pictures of the environment in our school. The children then went back to class where they shared the pictures they took with the rest of the class … Continue reading

Making patterns

Today in Class 2 we have been looking at how we can make a pattern using different things, some of the children created a pattern practically and others used colours and shapes.

How could you use different things to create a pattern?

Comparing numbers

In Class 2 we have been looking at comparing numbers and ordering them from smallest to largest using place value.  How could you use ordering in everyday life?


Today in Class 2 we have been looking at different graphemes and speed writing in our phonics. This was to see if we could find our alternate graphemes in our words.

What different graphemes do you know?


Adding one more

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Today in Class 2 we have been looking at how we can do one more. We all had a number and had to find out what one more was, we found out that we needed to add to do one … Continue reading