Today in class 2 we all voted on our favourite animal that Paddington bear could of seen on his journey to England from Peru. We also then used our equipment to make up our small charts to collect our data.

What data collection have you done this week?

What Plants Need

Today in class 2 we had a look at what our plants in the classroom needed to stay alive. We all said that they definitely needed water and sunlight to grow and be strong. We then had to draw our plants that are growing in our classroom.

Have you thought about what a plant needs to be strong?

Chinese New Year

Today we talked about the Chinese New Year, we all made our very own dragon masks. We had to chop out our pieces and stick them together to make our dragon faces.

Have you been looking into the Chinese new year?



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Today we looked at adding while partitioning, some of us went outside and used stones to do some practical outdoor learning. We had an amount and then needed to add another number to find the total. Have you been adding … Continue reading

Farming Friday

Today in farming Friday class 2 made some famous marmalade sandwiches. They are famous because they are from our book character Paddington bear, we followed some instructions so we could get the best we could.

Did you enjoy your marmalade sandwiches?



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Today in class 2 we have been doing some coding trying to help our friend get to the end of the road. We had to keep inputting code so our friend knew where he needed to move and how many … Continue reading

Taste testing

Today we have had a visit from Will. He gave us the opportunity to taste test some of Will’s salami that our year six’s made and helped with. We got to say which one we liked the best so that Will could make some more for other consumers.

Which was your favourite salami that Will let you try?


Today class 2 have been looking at adverbs. We said that an adverb describes the verb. “Paddington Bear was running fast”. We said lots of different things that Paddington was doing, also saying how he was doing it.

What does an adverb do?


Today in class 2 we have been practicing our bowling in P.E. We needed to follow instructions to make sure we didn’t throw the ball to far or too hard. We used our aim to make sure we threw the ball straight.

Have you been practicing your cricket?



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Today some of class 2 went outside to create Paddington bears house. We had to think very hard about how big it needed to be, also what we should put inside for him. Maybe his favourite marmalade. What would you … Continue reading