Reception Nativity

Today we performed our nativity play to all our friends and family. Our nativity was all about celebrating Christmas and why we celebrate it. We focused the play on the baby Jesus . We sang songs and did so well with out loud voices. Did you enjoy our play?


Adding Using Different Equipment

Today we were learning to add, we used multink, bears and even wrote out our own sums. We used the equipment to add the 2 numbers together. We started with the biggest number and then added the smallest. 

Adding Using A Number Line

Today we have been adding on using a number line. We started at the biggest number, found it on the number line then added the smallest one on , with jumps.  Can you do 7+5? Remember to use a number one.


Bird Feeder

Today we have been making a bird feeder for our birds. We mixed bird seed and lard  so it stuck together. It felt sticky, gooey and soft. We placed our bird food in cups ready for them to set so we can hang them up for the birds later on.



We made airplanes as it related to our topic of WW2. The airplanes dropped bombs to protect people.  We created airplanes with paint and tissue paper. We made them all different colours.

Barnes Wallis

Today we have been exploring our new English hero, Barnes Wallis. We first started thinking about questions on what we wanted to find out about this person. We then had information on Barnes Wallis and had to pick out interesting facts. What do you know about Barnes Wallis?

Operation Christmas Child

Today we placed gifts in the boxes for the children who won’t have none. We put a new toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, toys, pens and pencils, things they truly need. We hope they like them. How could you help someone?


Today we explored the playground for objects to describe, we described our bike, scooters,trees  and our friends. We each collected a leaf , we described it as wet, soggy, soft, crunchy,yellow and brown. We focused on its appearance and how it felt.

One More Or One Less?

Today we have been using the bears to count different numbers. We have learnt that if you take away a bear the number gets smaller and if you add a bear the number get bigger. We counted each bear to see what our answer was when we either added one or took  one away. We recognised that the numbers were either counting on 1 or counting back 1.

Ordering numbers

Today we ordered numbers from smallest to biggest. We recognised the numbers and counted on to see what ordered the numbers should go in. We used our own method on how to figure out this problem.