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Collecting sounds

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This week we are learning about the Sound Collector poem by Roger McGough. Today we hunted around the school grounds looking for different sounds. We heard birds tweeting, a person sawing and lots of children laughing. What can you hear … Continue reading


Inventors Poems

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We have been learning poems about our favourite inventors this week. We have been learning about Steve Jobs, The Wright Brothers  and Alexander Bell. We had to spot all the rhyming words and then we rehearsed our poems to perform … Continue reading

Planning our factfile

We have been historians in literacy this week. We have been researching facts about Alexander Bell or Thomas Edison. Tomorrow we are going to be creating our own fact files about these inventors. Did you know that Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb, and Alexander Bell invented the telephone, making the first ever phone call! We used key words in our plan ready for writing them into sentences tomorrow.

What inventors do you know?



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Today we have been exploring capacity. We were seeing which container could hold the most pasta. We found out some shocking results! We used tall and short containers, but found that it did not matter how tall a container was, … Continue reading

Comparing weight

Today we learnt about weight, we had to compare 2 different objects and see which one was heavier and which one was lighter. We used a set of scales and worked as a team to support each other.

Which do you think is heavier, a ball or a glue stick?


Comparing length

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Today in maths we have been looking at length. We have been comparing two or more items to see which is the longest and which is the shortest. Some of us went outside and measured how long we are when … Continue reading


Sponsored Skip

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Today we took part in our sponsored skip. We had to go out onto the playground and skip for 20 minutes. We had to count our skips and think carefully about how we moved. It was lots of fun and … Continue reading


Athletics Tournament

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Today KS1 took part in a house tournament. We had races which included beanbags, hoops and running races. We worked hard to make sure our house won. 

Where does our food come from?

We have been learning a lot about healthy food and where our food comes from. Today we looked at whether or not our food comes from animals or from being planted.

Do you know where your food comes from?


Planting Microgreens

We have been planting spinach, beetroot, basil, radish and coriander today. We have done this so we can use them in our cooking or so that Chef Mark can use them in our school dinners. We can’t wait to watch … Continue reading