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Today in class 2 we have been looking at some leaves that we got from outside our classroom. We had the leaves on our table so we could see, and touch them so we could describe them. How could you … Continue reading



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Today in Class 2 we have been recording the story of the farmer when William the conquerer made him join his army. We recored our voice using our iPads and our plans from the day before. Do you know what … Continue reading


Story Plan

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Today Class 2 had to make their story plan about a farmer in the war with William the conquerer. We made our plan where we were the farmer and we had to go fight the war. We thought of our … Continue reading

Finger Spaces

Today in Class 2 we have been making sure to add our finger spaces into our work. We made sure to put then after every word not in a word. This way we knew it all made sure in our writing.

Where should we use finger spaces?

Finger Spaces

Today Class 2 have been making sure we add our finger spaces into all our work. We knew that all the finger spaces had to be the same size so it made all our work look presentable. Also adding some adjectives into our work to add some description.

What should you do before you start a new word?

King Harold

Today in Class 2 we started to draw our pictures of King Harold. We looked at the story and tried our hardest to draw the pictures in the correct order of how they happened. Also using adjectives to describe the setting.


Today in Class 2 we have been looking at putting cations on our pictures to talk about what is in those pictures and what that certain item looks like. e.g. “The yellow flowers are in the ground”.

Do you know how to caption a picture?


The Enormous Crocodile

Today the children in Class 2 had a visit from a character in the book we are reading, it was the enormous crocodile all the children were happy. We all had to put the story in sequencing order from start to finish.

Whats your favourite book character?

Farming Friday

Today we went and experienced a real farming Friday. We visited the farm and saw lots of cows. Have a look at what we got up to in this weeks keynote…

Have you visited the farm yet? 

Catching Stars

To follow on from our story telling of ‘How To Catch A Star’ by Oliver Jeffers, we decided to use our new adjective knowledge and put it to the test. We used different adjectives to describe the star.

What adjectives do you know?