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Today we’ve been making our own shields using different materials. We have used different coloured foil, crayons, fabric and lots of other materials to make them stand out. What material would you use to make your shield?

King Harold

Today in Class 2 we started to draw our pictures of King Harold. We looked at the story and tried our hardest to draw the pictures in the correct order of how they happened. Also using adjectives to describe the setting.

Painting Landscapes

Today Class 2 have been painting their own landscapes of Cardingmill Valley from our experience there last week. We used water colours to make the painting stand out.

What have you been painting this week?



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Today Class 2 have been looking into the Great Barrier Reef. We then got out the paints and wartercolours and made our very own super paintings using all different colours to make our paintings stand out. How many colours do … Continue reading

Art Monet

Today Class 2 have been creating some art in the style of Monet by city scape. We took some pictures around our school and had a go at seeing how well we could get the painting similar to Monet.

Do you know what style Monet is?


Great Outdoors

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Today in Class 2 some of the children went outside to get some pictures of the environment in our school. The children then went back to class where they shared the pictures they took with the rest of the class … Continue reading


Abby Diamond

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Today we became artists copying the style of Abby Diamond. She uses watercolour to create an abstract effect. We used a bird template to practice our watercolour skills. Do you like our work? 

Catching Stars

To follow on from our story telling of ‘How To Catch A Star’ by Oliver Jeffers, we decided to use our new adjective knowledge and put it to the test. We used different adjectives to describe the star.

What adjectives do you know?


Our projects!

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Look at our fantastic projects we have done. We have all made made a lot of effort and done brilliant work with our projects. Well done Class 2. What do you think of our projects?


Visiting Morrells Wood Farm!

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Today we visited Morrells Wood Farm with reception. We started off on an adventure around the fields and went across a bridge. We saw a harvester, cows and we got to see Molly the dog. We drew pictures and did … Continue reading