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Following an Algorithm

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Today, class 2 have been looking at following an algorithm while using Bee-Bot. We had to input a series of commands in the correct order for Bee-Bot to get from the start of the algorithm to the end, doing the … Continue reading


Today in Class 2 we were looking at the baby and adult versions of animals. We then used Bee-Bot to get them from the baby to the adult inputting a path in to Bee-Bot to get him where he needed to go.

Do you know how to input paths into Bee-Bot?


Today in Class 2 we have been learning how to use Sphero. Using the new technology we tested the AI and made it change colour and move in a certain way which we drew on the iPads.

Have you managed to use Sphero?

Exploring the U.K.

Today we learnt about coding. We used a beebot to follow an algorithm to explore the U.K. We learnt that we live in the U.K. We can go forwards, right, left and backwards.


What do you know about coding?



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Today we learnt about algorithms. We learnt that an algorithm is a special set of instructions that help computers and iPads do their jobs. We used beebots to understand that we needed to give clear instructions otherwise they will go … Continue reading