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Percy’s Bumpy Ride

In Class 2 we are learning all about Percy the park keeper, he invented a lawnmower that started to fly. Today we sequenced the story and when we were finished some of us practiced writing sentences about the story. We are all trying really hard to segment and blend our words to help our spelling.

Have you read Percy’s Bumpy Ride? We give it 5 stars!

Exploring the U.K.

Today we learnt about coding. We used a beebot to follow an algorithm to explore the U.K. We learnt that we live in the U.K. We can go forwards, right, left and backwards.


What do you know about coding?

Practising our writing

Today some of us practised writing our name on the iPads. We had to think carefully how to form all our letters and make sure they were the right way around.

Have you used the iPads in your class today?



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Today we learnt about algorithms. We learnt that an algorithm is a special set of instructions that help computers and iPads do their jobs. We used beebots to understand that we needed to give clear instructions otherwise they will go … Continue reading

Collecting Data

We have been collecting data about our favourite ways to fly. We came up with 4 different ways to fly and voted for our favourite. We chose to look at hot air balloons, aeroplanes, birds and helicopters.

Can you guess which one won?

Designing algorithm!

This afternoon we have discussed algorithm as a group looking at directions. We learnt forwards, backwards, up and down to direct our object to move in the right direction. Do you know what algorithm is?


Protecting ourselves and our dignity.

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This afternoon class 2 looked at our esafety video and talked about what we can do to keep ourselves safe online. We linked it in with the PSHE we did this week about when we should say no. We talked … Continue reading


Internet safety today.

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Today is national Internet safety day. We talked about the different ways we can stay safe and protect ourselves whilst watching videos and playing games on the Internet. What did you learn about keeping yourself safe? Remember – keep it … Continue reading


Making adverts

Today class 2 used their knowledge of absorbent and non absorbent materials to make adverts about which material they thought was the best. The finished adverts will be up this weekend! Which material did you think was the most absorbent?​​​ … Continue reading


iPads and macbooks

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This afternoon we put all of the computing skills we have learnt so far this term to good use to create animations, videos and GarageBand songs to go with our flight topic. What did you create? ​​​ ​