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Athletics Tournament

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Today KS1 took part in a house tournament. We had races which included beanbags, hoops and running races. We worked hard to make sure our house won. 


Keeping our bodies healthy!

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We have been learning how to balance a ball and bounce it on a tennis racket. We know that we do P.E. to help keep our bodies healthy and strong. What exercise do you do?

Learning how to balance.

In P.E. today we learnt about travelling in different ways. We also learnt how to balance carefully on different equipment. We then had to jump in a hoop.

Can you walk carefully along a bench?


Today in P.E. we learnt about different ways to travel. We practised running, hopping, skipping and walking backwards. We had to be careful and work with our partners. We know that exercise helps make us strong.

What exercise do you do?


Sponsored Run

Today we did our sponsored run, we ran around the school field completing multiple laps. We tried our hardest to run around the school grounds as many times as we could. We were thankful that the older children helped us and kept our spirits up.

How many times did you manage to run around?

Playing football.

Today we played our first football match. We were split into 4 teams and we had to try and score a goal. The more goals you score the better chance you have of winning. We had to work as a team and pass the ball. We discovered winning made us happy.

Do you enjoy winning?


Football practice

In P.E. this term we are learning about how to control a ball ready to play football. Today we focussed on our dribbling skills ready to score a goal. You have to work really hard to control the ball.

Do you enjoy football?


Sports Day- Throwing!

This morning we have all taken part in throwing. We all had a lot of fun and all did really well. How far can you throw?

Practising our races ready for Sport’s Day!

This afternoon we have been practising our running. We have been working in groups and racing against each other. How fast are you at running?

Learning how to throw a ball!

In P.E this afternoon we were learning how to hold a ball properly and how to throw it. We worked in groups and took it in turns to throw the ball. We had a lot of fun doing throwing today. How far can you throw a ball?