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Today we’ve been making our own shields using different materials. We have used different coloured foil, crayons, fabric and lots of other materials to make them stand out. What material would you use to make your shield?


iPad work

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Today in Class 2 some of us got the chance to use the iPads in our Literacy lesson. We had to underline or circle key parts of the text, we identified the title, pictures and the different types of information … Continue reading


Quarter turn

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Today in Class 2 we have been looking at a quarter turn and doing some outdoor learning where we had to listen very carefully to instructions so we knew which way we had to turn and how many times we … Continue reading



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Today in Class 2 we have been recording the story of the farmer when William the conquerer made him join his army. We recored our voice using our iPads and our plans from the day before. Do you know what … Continue reading


Today we worked on counting backwards and some of us went outside to do some number line jumps. We knew to subtract we had to jump backwards on our number lines to find the answer. We got into pairs and figured the questions out together.

How do you jump on a number line when subtracting?

Finger Spaces

Today in Class 2 we have been making sure to add our finger spaces into our work. We made sure to put then after every word not in a word. This way we knew it all made sure in our writing.

Where should we use finger spaces?

Finger Spaces

Today Class 2 have been making sure we add our finger spaces into all our work. We knew that all the finger spaces had to be the same size so it made all our work look presentable. Also adding some adjectives into our work to add some description.

What should you do before you start a new word?

Counting on a number line

Today in Class 2 we have been looking at how to jump up on a number line. We got into groups of 2 and jumped to our partners to see how many we had to add to get to them.

Can you add any number on a number line?

Adding 3 more

Today Class 2 had to pick a number and add 3 more. We drew some sharing circles on the floor with chalk, put so many dots in one circle then added 3 more to see what we got.

What number could you add 3 more too?

Painting Landscapes

Today Class 2 have been painting their own landscapes of Cardingmill Valley from our experience there last week. We used water colours to make the painting stand out.

What have you been painting this week?