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Today in Class 2 we have been cooking chocolate chip muffins, we have had to follow a set of certain instructions, to make sure we followed them in order so we could get the best results. Why should you follow … Continue reading

3D shapes

Today Class 2 have been working with 3D shapes and looking at the different properties. We have looked at the faces, edges and vertices. We have looked at different shapes and named them.

What 3D shapes fo you know?



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Class 2 today had to look at different environments which different animals live in and the different habitats. We had lots of different animals and had to put them in to the correct habitat where we thought they lived. Do … Continue reading


Cricket Tournament

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Today Class 2 played their part in the KS1 cricket tournament trying to get as many points as they could for their house colour. We enjoyed the tournament and are excited fo the next one. How many points did your … Continue reading


Following an Algorithm

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Today, class 2 have been looking at following an algorithm while using Bee-Bot. We had to input a series of commands in the correct order for Bee-Bot to get from the start of the algorithm to the end, doing the … Continue reading


Today in Class 2 we were looking at the baby and adult versions of animals. We then used Bee-Bot to get them from the baby to the adult inputting a path in to Bee-Bot to get him where he needed to go.

Do you know how to input paths into Bee-Bot?

Art Monet

Today Class 2 have been creating some art in the style of Monet by city scape. We took some pictures around our school and had a go at seeing how well we could get the painting similar to Monet.

Do you know what style Monet is?



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Today Class 2 had P.E. we all had to keep our eyes on the ball as we had to throw and catch a ball to test our catch for when we played our game of cricket. What skills do you … Continue reading


Today in Class 2 we have been learning how to use Sphero. Using the new technology we tested the AI and made it change colour and move in a certain way which we drew on the iPads.

Have you managed to use Sphero?



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Today Class 2 went and had a cricket session in P.E, we had to make sure to keep our eye on the ball to make sure we hit it as far as we could. This worked on our hand to … Continue reading