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Today we worked on counting backwards and some of us went outside to do some number line jumps. We knew to subtract we had to jump backwards on our number lines to find the answer. We got into pairs and … Continue reading


Team building

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Today Class 2 have been doing different team building activities in their PSHE lesson. We all had to make sure we helped our friends and other piers in the different activities.  What do you need for good team building?

Future careers

Today in Class 2 we have been looking at different peoples professions and then looked at different careers that we could have when we get older. The children then went away and thought about what they would like to be and said why.

What is your favourite career?


What would you like for lunch?

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This week we have been thinking about what food we eat. We came up with lots of ideas of new foods we would like to eat. We thought carefully about what is healthy and what our favourite foods were. We … Continue reading

Remembrance Day

On Sunday it was 100 years since the end of the 1st World War. We learnt about how the soldiers fought for our freedom and what this meant for us. We lay poppy wreaths to remember the soldiers and we wrote a message on them.

What did you write on your poppy?



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Today we learnt about algorithms. We learnt that an algorithm is a special set of instructions that help computers and iPads do their jobs. We used beebots to understand that we needed to give clear instructions otherwise they will go … Continue reading


We have been talking about keeping our brain healthy in Class 2. Today we looked at how we rest. Some of us like to read as this helps us relax.

What do you do to relax?



Today we have designed different patterns for our battle shields. We did a variety of patterns like hearts, star, shapes, dots, lines and zig-zag. What pattern would you use?


Discussing and learning about lighthouses!

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This afternoon we have talked as a group about lighthouses. We discussed about where we would find a lighthouse, why we have lighthouses and features around the lighthouse. Where do you think we would find a lighthouse?


Visiting Morrells Wood Farm!

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Today we visited Morrells Wood Farm with reception. We started off on an adventure around the fields and went across a bridge. We saw a harvester, cows and we got to see Molly the dog. We drew pictures and did … Continue reading