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KS2 Outdoor plan

Today in our topic we have been making a plan for our KS2 outdoor area. We used shapes and labels to say what something was. We had to use our imagination to see what we would like in the area.

What ideas do you have for the KS2 outdoor area?


Farm Trip

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Today both Class 2 and Class 1 went to the farm. We had different activities to do based on our work at school. We made shapes using leaves and sticks which we found on the ground. We also looked at … Continue reading


Today in our Topic we have been looking at how to create a glossary for our leaflets that we’ve made in Literacy. We made sure to do all our words in alphabetical order so you can easily find the word you may need.

What does a glossary do?



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Today in Topic we have been looking at transparent, translucent and opaque. We’ve had to find different things that fall into these categories. We went around the school to find lots of different items which we could use. Do you … Continue reading