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Singing Practice

We got together with Classes 1, 3 and 4 for singing practice. We practiced singing Sail Away, Away in a Manger and It was on a Starry Night.

You can see a video of us singing each song on the keynote this week.

Do you like our singing?


Counting in 2s

Today we learnt to count in 2s. This means we can count faster. We learnt the rhyme 2, 4, 6, 8 who do we appreciate. If we are counting in 2s the number must end in 0, 2, 4, 6, or 8.


Can you count in 2s?


The Wright Brothers

This gallery contains 3 photos.

In history we have been learning about flight. Did you know the Wright brothers invented the aeroplane? The first flight took off in 1903 from North Carolina. We made paper aeroplanes today and wrote our favourite facts on them. Have … Continue reading

Challenging ourselves

This afternoon we went across to reception to learn how to challenge ourselves.

We walked along planks, jumped through tires and worked alongside reception to form new friendships.


How do you challenge yourselves?

Tasting Fruit

Today in Class 2 we tasted lots of different fruits. We tried bananas, plums, pears, grapes and melon. We decided that grapes were our favourite.

What is your favourite fruit?


Today in Phonics we were learning the phoneme “V”. We were practicing  “V’ on whiteboards and  with chalk outside. We were even thinking about what words start with “V’. We came up with vet, veg, van and vent.  Can you think of any more?


Today in Literacy we linked it to our Science, which is materials , but in Literacy we were learning about adjectives.We found out that an adjective is  a describing word. We described many materials:  pom poms, paper towels, soil and pasta. They were soft, fluffy, hard, spiky and big. We now have to wait to see if our onions grow in these materials? Which one do you think it will grow in?


Today in maths we have been learning to add two numbers together. We each got given a different number from 1-10 and went down into the  forest. We had to find different objects/materials to make our number, we then found a partner and challenged ourselves by placing all our objects together, counting them one by one. How would you add to numbers together?

Ordering Events On A Timeline

This afternoon we have been learning some History, drawing different events from 1783- 1961. We did lots  of events matching them to the dates, a hot air ballon, a airplane , a rocket and a helicopter.


Today in topic we have been learning all about materials like: Plastic, Wood, Metal, Paper and Cardboard. We looked around the classroom and went outside exploring to find different materials. Then as a class we made a tally chart displaying this.