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Easter Sunday

Today in Topic we have been looking at Easter Sunday and the order in which events happened. We looked at what Jesus did and how his friends weren’t always there for him in a kind way.

What do you know about Easter Sunday?

Using conjunctions

Today in Class 2 we have been looking at how we can add different conjunctions into our sentences to make some complex sentences.

Where can you use conjunctions?


Sponsored Skip

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Today we took part in our sponsored skip. We had to go out onto the playground and skip for 20 minutes. We had to count our skips and think carefully about how we moved. It was lots of fun and … Continue reading

ICT Safety

We have been thinking about how to stay safe and happy on the internet. We created a poster showing all the signs of staying safe on the internet. We know we should not talk to strangers, give them our address or tell anyone our real names.

Do you know how to stay safe and happy online?



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Today we have been learning about the ‘ew’ digraph. We use the ‘ew’ digraph in words such as blew and new. What phonemes do you know?  



This gallery contains 2 photos.

We have been practicing our skipping again ready for next weeks sponsored skip. Today we even had a skipping race. Can you guess who won?  

Subtraction problems

Today in maths we solved subtraction word problems. They were all based around fruit and vegetables to link with Farming Friday. We had to identify the numbers and then take write our sum in the correct order. We used jottings to support this. 

Can you subtract?

Noah’s Ark

In R.E. this week we have been learning about the story of Noah’s Ark. Noah was a good man who made God happy when the rest of the world made God sad. He was ordered to find 2 of each animal, a boy and a girl and get them on a special boat called an ark. God flooded the world and only Noah and his family survived.

Have you heard the story of Noah’s Ark?


In art this week we have begun to create our own piece of artwork based on the artist Kandinsky. He was an abstract artist. We are going to paint our pictures next week using lots of bright colours.

Have you heard of Kandinsky?


Our topic in science this term is animals including humans. We have been learning about the different categories animals belong in such as birds, mammals and reptiles. Did you know humans are a mammal like tigers, that means we are warm blooded and give birth to live young. 

What categories of animal do you know?