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Painting Landscapes

Today Class 2 have been painting their own landscapes of Cardingmill Valley from our experience there last week. We used water colours to make the painting stand out.

What have you been painting this week?

Correct Method

Today in Class 2 we have had to be very careful in our maths making sure to do the correct method for addition and subtraction. We had lots of different questions adding and subtracting with 2 digits.

Whats the correct method for adding and subtracting?


Team building

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Today Class 2 have been doing different team building activities in their PSHE lesson. We all had to make sure we helped our friends and other piers in the different activities.  What do you need for good team building?


In Class 2 we have joined in with our annual throwing where all of us threw as far as we could. We all cheered on each other to try our hardest so we were a great team.

How far did you throw the ball?


Cardinal Valley

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Today Class 1 and Class 2 went on a trip to Cardinal Valley where we went on a walk to look at the great outdoors to see what we could find. We saw some sheep, lots of water and went … Continue reading

Sports day

Sports day was today, and Class 2 had their race heads on, they got into the zone and tried very hard to earn points for their houses. We had a really good time remembering to focus and stay calm when we needed too.

What was your favourite race?

Sports day practice

Today Class 2 took part in the preparation of sports day practice. All of us had something to do and take part in doing various races. We did a skipping race, running race, and even a relay race.

Whats your favourite race from sports day?

Adding to an amount

Class 2 have been adding to a certain amount in maths today. We had a set given amount of coins and had to then find different ways to get to an amount. We worked together at first but then tried on our own.

How would you get to 30p using only 5p, 2p and 10p?


Today in Class 2 we have been looking at putting cations on our pictures to talk about what is in those pictures and what that certain item looks like. e.g. “The yellow flowers are in the ground”.

Do you know how to caption a picture?


Adding money

Class 2 today started looking at adding coins and money. We all had a set amount of coins that we could add together. First we had to identify the value of each coin, as a class we worked together to label the different coins and even came up with a song to remember them.

Do you know the value of each coin?