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Today in Topic we have been looking at transparent, translucent and opaque. We’ve had to find different things that fall into these categories. We went around the school to find lots of different items which we could use.

Do you know the difference between transparent, translucent and opaque?


Today we worked on counting backwards and some of us went outside to do some number line jumps. We knew to subtract we had to jump backwards on our number lines to find the answer. We got into pairs and figured the questions out together.

How do you jump on a number line when subtracting?

Counting on a number line

Today in Class 2 we have been looking at how to jump up on a number line. We got into groups of 2 and jumped to our partners to see how many we had to add to get to them.

Can you add any number on a number line?


Mighty Writer

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Today in Class 2 we have been working on the mighty writer to plan our stories. We have been also making sure to add some adjectives as well as our fullstops and capital letters. What have you been using the … Continue reading

Missing numbers

Today in Class 2 we have been learning how to do missing number problems. We had a number line but some of the numbers were missing, we had to use our thinking brains to fill in the missing numbers. Some of us even made a number line going backwards.

How could we make our missing numbers a bit harder?


In Class 2 we have joined in with our annual throwing where all of us threw as far as we could. We all cheered on each other to try our hardest so we were a great team.

How far did you throw the ball?

Sports day practice

Today Class 2 took part in the preparation of sports day practice. All of us had something to do and take part in doing various races. We did a skipping race, running race, and even a relay race.

Whats your favourite race from sports day?

Adding to an amount

Class 2 have been adding to a certain amount in maths today. We had a set given amount of coins and had to then find different ways to get to an amount. We worked together at first but then tried on our own.

How would you get to 30p using only 5p, 2p and 10p?

Adding money

Class 2 today started looking at adding coins and money. We all had a set amount of coins that we could add together. First we had to identify the value of each coin, as a class we worked together to label the different coins and even came up with a song to remember them.

Do you know the value of each coin?



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Today in Class 2 we have been cooking chocolate chip muffins, we have had to follow a set of certain instructions, to make sure we followed them in order so we could get the best results. Why should you follow … Continue reading