Today in Class 2 we all had the opportunity to do some planting. We knew we needed 3 key parts for the plants to grow, soil, water and sunlight. We started planting 1 bulb each and making sure not to put too much soil in to the pots so they didn’t overflow.

What have you planted this week?

Music to the beat

Today in Class 2 we have been creating our own beat that we than marched to. We had to make sure that we made a beat that we could march in time to. We used lots of different instruments to make our own beat.

How fast could you make your beat?

Finger Spaces

Today in Class 2 we have been making sure to add our finger spaces into our work. We made sure to put then after every word not in a word. This way we knew it all made sure in our writing.

Where should we use finger spaces?

Finger Spaces

Today Class 2 have been making sure we add our finger spaces into all our work. We knew that all the finger spaces had to be the same size so it made all our work look presentable. Also adding some adjectives into our work to add some description.

What should you do before you start a new word?

Counting on a number line

Today in Class 2 we have been looking at how to jump up on a number line. We got into groups of 2 and jumped to our partners to see how many we had to add to get to them.

Can you add any number on a number line?

Adding 3 more

Today Class 2 had to pick a number and add 3 more. We drew some sharing circles on the floor with chalk, put so many dots in one circle then added 3 more to see what we got.

What number could you add 3 more too?

King Harold

Today in Class 2 we started to draw our pictures of King Harold. We looked at the story and tried our hardest to draw the pictures in the correct order of how they happened. Also using adjectives to describe the setting.


Today Class 2 went out and did some P.E. We were practicing our throwing and catching skills using a tennis ball. We had to make sure to keep eye contact with the ball when our partners threw it to us so we could catch it.

Why do we need hand eye coordination?


Mighty Writer

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Today in Class 2 we have been working on the mighty writer to plan our stories. We have been also making sure to add some adjectives as well as our fullstops and capital letters. What have you been using the … Continue reading

Missing numbers

Today in Class 2 we have been learning how to do missing number problems. We had a number line but some of the numbers were missing, we had to use our thinking brains to fill in the missing numbers. Some of us even made a number line going backwards.

How could we make our missing numbers a bit harder?