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Coin value

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Today in class 2 we have been looking at coin value. We have looked at 3 different coins, 1p, 2p and 5p. We looked at each coin and made sure we knew which was which to do our learning. Do … Continue reading

Adding 3 more

Today Class 2 had to pick a number and add 3 more. We drew some sharing circles on the floor with chalk, put so many dots in one circle then added 3 more to see what we got.

What number could you add 3 more too?


Adding one more

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Today in Class 2 we have been looking at how we can do one more. We all had a number and had to find out what one more was, we found out that we needed to add to do one … Continue reading


Today in maths we have been learning to add two numbers together. We each got given a different number from 1-10 and went down into the  forest. We had to find different objects/materials to make our number, we then found a partner and challenged ourselves by placing all our objects together, counting them one by one. How would you add to numbers together?

Adding Using Different Equipment

Today we were learning to add, we used multink, bears and even wrote out our own sums. We used the equipment to add the 2 numbers together. We started with the biggest number and then added the smallest. 

Adding Using A Number Line

Today we have been adding on using a number line. We started at the biggest number, found it on the number line then added the smallest one on , with jumps.  Can you do 7+5? Remember to use a number one.