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Creating a collage

Today in class 2 we have been creating our own collages on herbs. We have been looking at herbs just at the end of last term so we knew what they were and what they looked, smelled, tasted and felt like. We then made our collage on a certain herb we wanted too.

What can we use herbs for?



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Today class 2 went outdoors to do our art lesson. We went and got lots of different materials to use to create our very own Paddington Bear face. We collected sticks, grass, bark, and leaves to create them. What have … Continue reading

Chinese New Year

Today we talked about the Chinese New Year, we all made our very own dragon masks. We had to chop out our pieces and stick them together to make our dragon faces.

Have you been looking into the Chinese new year?

KS2 Outdoor plan

Today in our topic we have been making a plan for our KS2 outdoor area. We used shapes and labels to say what something was. We had to use our imagination to see what we would like in the area.

What ideas do you have for the KS2 outdoor area?



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Today we’ve been making our own shields using different materials. We have used different coloured foil, crayons, fabric and lots of other materials to make them stand out. What material would you use to make your shield?