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Quarter turn

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Today in Class 2 we have been looking at a quarter turn and doing some outdoor learning where we had to listen very carefully to instructions so we knew which way we had to turn and how many times we … Continue reading

Adding 3 more

Today Class 2 had to pick a number and add 3 more. We drew some sharing circles on the floor with chalk, put so many dots in one circle then added 3 more to see what we got.

What number could you add 3 more too?



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Today Class 2 went and had a cricket session in P.E, we had to make sure to keep our eye on the ball to make sure we hit it as far as we could. This worked on our hand to … Continue reading

Making patterns

Today in Class 2 we have been looking at how we can make a pattern using different things, some of the children created a pattern practically and others used colours and shapes.

How could you use different things to create a pattern?

Comparing numbers

In Class 2 we have been looking at comparing numbers and ordering them from smallest to largest using place value.  How could you use ordering in everyday life?


Adding one more

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Today in Class 2 we have been looking at how we can do one more. We all had a number and had to find out what one more was, we found out that we needed to add to do one … Continue reading


Comparing length

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Today in maths we have been looking at length. We have been comparing two or more items to see which is the longest and which is the shortest. Some of us went outside and measured how long we are when … Continue reading


Counting pennies

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This week we have been learning about money. Today we were using the same coins to make different amounts. We used pennies to make our totals. Which coins can you name?

Identifying coins

Our maths topic this week is money, today we have been identifying coins. Green group used the iPads to record themselves naming different coins. We could remember our money song from last term, it helps us remember the different coins.

Have you heard us sing it?


Today in maths we have been learning to add two numbers together. We each got given a different number from 1-10 and went down into the  forest. We had to find different objects/materials to make our number, we then found a partner and challenged ourselves by placing all our objects together, counting them one by one. How would you add to numbers together?