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Making a pattern

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Today in class 2 we looked at how to make patterns in our maths. We said that you could make a pattern in lots of different ways. You can do a pattern with colour, shape and lots of different things. … Continue reading



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Today class 2 has been using computing in their geography to know about the Northwest passage. We used our devices to help us in our learning to show how William Baffin made his way up the passage to find an … Continue reading


Making sculptures

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In the afternoon we have been creating our own sculptures. All of us in class 2 tried to make Paddington Bear, we used our hands to sculpt the clay into the shapes we wanted. We did this so we could … Continue reading


Today some of us in class 2 used coding to go up the northwest passageway that Willian Baffin took to discover his island. We moved our device up the passageway until we completed his journey.

What do you think William Baffin took with him?


Today class 2 were looking at poems and how they have rhyming words. We found out the in our poem some of the words had the same starting letter such as ‘Ning ¬†Nong’ we said this was alliteration.

Do you know what alliteration means?

Creating a collage

Today in class 2 we have been creating our own collages on herbs. We have been looking at herbs just at the end of last term so we knew what they were and what they looked, smelled, tasted and felt like. We then made our collage on a certain herb we wanted too.

What can we use herbs for?



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Today class 2 had an indoor P.E session, we began by getting warmed up and ready for our activity by making our blood flow around our body. We dud some star jumps and high knees. Then we had to practice … Continue reading


Today in class 2 we have cooked our own scones. We needed to follow all the instructions so that we made them correctly and so that they tasted nice at the end of the day.

What have you been cooking for farming Friday?



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Today class 2 went outdoors to do our art lesson. We went and got lots of different materials to use to create our very own Paddington Bear face. We collected sticks, grass, bark, and leaves to create them. What have … Continue reading


Today class 2 joined the rest of KS1 to sing songs. We got split into groups and had to sing the same some just out of sync to other groups it was very challenging to not say the wrong words. We had to think very hard.

Did your group stay in tune?