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Today Class 2 went and had a cricket session in P.E, we had to make sure to keep our eye on the ball to make sure we hit it as far as we could. This worked on our hand to … Continue reading

Throwing Competition

This morning the whole school each had a go at throwing. The leaders showed us how we should stand and how we should throw , they were there supporting all of us.  We really enjoyed throwing and seeing how far it could go. Who threw the furthest?

Sports Day

Today it was Sports Day. Our parents came and watched us do a variety of races, the hoop race, relay, bean bag and the sprint. We all took part and tried our very hardest but we always remember it’s the taking part that counts. Our parents were cheering us on and we really enjoyed ourselves so much. Which was your favourite race today?

Relay Practice

This mornings we have been getting ready for our Sports Day tomorrow. We have been practicing our races and getting to know our groups and colours. We are all so exsited for sports day and can’t wait for our parents to be there watching and cheering us on.  What was your favourite race in school?


This afternoon the whole school went out to get ready and practise for there sports day coming up. We really enjoyed doing all sorts of  activities, using bean bags, running races and going through hoops. Which race is your favourite?



Today in PE we were practising our balancing skills, trying to balance a ball on a tennis racket. It was a little tricky at first but we got the hang of it. We just had to keep good concentration on the ball, making sure it didn’t fall off.