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Today class 2 were looking at poems and how they have rhyming words. We found out the in our poem some of the words had the same starting letter such as ‘Ning ¬†Nong’ we said this was alliteration.

Do you know what alliteration means?


Today class 2 have been looking at adverbs. We said that an adverb describes the verb. “Paddington Bear was running fast”. We said lots of different things that Paddington was doing, also saying how he was doing it.

What does an adverb do?


Today in our Topic we have been looking at how to create a glossary for our leaflets that we’ve made in Literacy. We made sure to do all our words in alphabetical order so you can easily find the word you may need.

What does a glossary do?


Story Plan

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Today Class 2 had to make their story plan about a farmer in the war with William the conquerer. We made our plan where we were the farmer and we had to go fight the war. We thought of our … Continue reading

The Enormous Crocodile

Today the children in Class 2 had a visit from a character in the book we are reading, it was the enormous crocodile all the children were happy. We all had to put the story in sequencing order from start to finish.

Whats your favourite book character?

Planning our factfile

We have been historians in literacy this week. We have been researching facts about Alexander Bell or Thomas Edison. Tomorrow we are going to be creating our own fact files about these inventors. Did you know that Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb, and Alexander Bell invented the telephone, making the first ever phone call! We used key words in our plan ready for writing them into sentences tomorrow.

What inventors do you know?

Newspaper Article

This week we have been focusing on the book Lost And Found , we have been decscribing the characters and using different adjectives. In writing we have been writing an newspaper article on this book on how the penguin was lost. But was he lost?

Book Character Day

Today was book character day to raise money for Operation Christmas Child. Our book author is Julia Donaldson and she wrote the book ‘Room on the Broom’. A bunch of us dressed up as the witch from this book. Who did you dress up as?

Battle of Hastings

Today we acted out the Battle of Hastings to help us write a recount. We explored using temporal connectives such as ‘then’, ‘next’ and ‘finally’ to help us sequence the story. Do you know what happened in the Battle of Hastings?


Acting out The Battle of Hastings